Tuesday, 23 December 2014

What is Share and Share market?

What is Share and Share market?

What is share?
The public limited companies have shares.A Share represents an ownership in a Company.
For example - If you buy a share of any company then you are the owner of that company. “The ownership depends on the number of shares you hold or the percentage of shares you hold”. A founder, chairman or board of directors hold, mostly, majority of the shares of the Company so they are considered as major decision makers.

What is Share market?
The general term ‘market’ is the place where buying and selling takes place likewise Share market is the place where the buying and selling of shares take place.
Note - Now a days due to revolution of internet and computer the buying and selling of shares can be done from anywhere in the world with the help if computer and internet connection.
Some facts about share market
i) Share market can be considered as business or job, either part time or full time job.
ii) Its all about learning and experience.
iii) It requires consistency in learning.
iv) Requires full dedication
v) Don’t misunderstand that Share market will make you millionaire in one night.

What Share market is not ?
i) Overnight rich scheme or business.
ii) It is not a magic or quick money maker.
iii) It is not for seasonal earning but once experienced can make it seasonal activity.
iv) It is not for them who totally want to depend on tips.

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